2021 Showcase

Myra Kivett

Communications and Journalism

E-Portfolio Curation
For my MUS M174 Honors Project, my professor Darrell Bailey encouraged me to create an E-Portfolio documenting my involvement with music, the arts and academics. The initial portfolio was created over the fall semester, but is continually being added to.

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Rishi Chandran

Sports Management

Why the UFC Should Implement a Dynamic Price Structure
I conducted the research project as my honors requirement for Dr. Pierce’s Selling in Sport class. I collected data for 201 UFC Pay Per View (PPV) events to determine what factors affected the amount of PPV buys for an event. Through this research, I was able to quantify demand for an event based on event and fighter variables, and suggested a dynamic price structure based on that demand.

Makenna Sunbury


Innovation of Humanities Education and Clinical Ethics in Pediatric Medicine
I composed a 16 page Honors research report highlighting the impact an education in the arts and humanities has on pediatric care specialists. Along with this research paper, I composed a presentation for my Medical Humanities and Health Sciences class addressing key concepts from my paper along with highlights from my interviews with four pediatric health care specialists.

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Satyajit Kulkarni

Biology BS and Chemistry BA

Isoflurane and Carbon Dioxide Elicit Similar Behavioral Responses in Rats
In this project, we examined the behavioral responses of rats to isoflurane and carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide was found to be more aversive than isoflurane on initial exposure, but no differences were found on repeat exposure. Isoflurane was found to be more aversive on repeat exposure than on initial exposure.

Alli Beard


Focusing on Integrated Care at the ​IU-Methodist Family Medicine Center​
This project consists of understanding the treatment patterns in an Integrated health primary care clinic for rising mental health concerns. Research has consisted of reviewing and understanding patients through referral forms and compiling a literature review focusing on Integrated Care and the positive outcomes of the healthcare model.

Project Poster

Faith Prochaska

Biology and Neuroscience

Effects of Treatment with the DYRK1A Inhibitor CX-4945 on Down Syndrome Phenotypes in Ts65Dn Mice
This study highlights the neurodevelopmental differences in the Ts65Dn mouse model of Down Syndrome (DS), importance of evaluating potential sex differences, and explores a possible treatment that targets a trisomic gene as means to improve for detrimental DS phenotypes.

Project Poster

Anna Guinn

Communications and Tourism, Conventions, and Event Management

Hotels in Different Cultures
This project looks at major differences between hotels in two cultures and how those differences affect daily interactions between employers, employees, and guests. I completed this project for Honors credit for Keith Parish's TESM-H 105 course.

Project PowerPoint

Aditi Ravikumar

Neuroscience and Biology

Neuropathology Research Internship
I completed an internship in which I examined human brain tissue to diagnose neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's disease and other dementias.

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Sarah Ali

Neuroscience and Biology

Intercultural Understanding Across Health Care Disciplines: My Study Abroad Experience in Japan
In the summer of 2019, I traveled to Japan to gain an intercultural understanding across the health care disciplines, but, little did I know, that I would learn much more than that. With this showcase, I will walk you through my journey in Japan, what I learned, and how I applied what I learned into my coursework at IUPUI through two honors projects in fall 2019 and spring 2020.

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Tristan Deaton

Biocomputing (Computer Science and Pre-Med)

Advantages and Disadvantages to the Introduction of Artificial Intelligence in Radiology
This is a literature review containing background information and the advantages and disadvantages to the introduction of artificial intelligence in radiology.

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Isra Haider

Biology and Sociology

Racial Disparities in Breastfeeding Rates and Medicaid Expansion as a Policy to Reduce Disparities

Sara Lansdell

Media Arts & Science

This is a collection of concept art for an animated film about a re-imagined Pinocchio living in a modern world, and her journey exploring the city and beyond.

Project Poster

Lucas Montgomery

Neuroscience, Biology, and Sociology

Use of Protein Visualization Tools to Analyze Disease Mechanisms in Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel Point Mutations causing PEPD
The project presented relays some of my neuroscience and biology capstone work looking at voltage-gated sodium channel mutations in a protein visualization tool to understand the mechanism by which the disease occurs. This presentation highlights two PEPD mutations thought to have interactions with the Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel inactivation gate.

Kaiti Shannon

Communication Studies and English Literature

Cell Phones and the Mental Health of Young Adults
Over the course of 2020, I worked on this research project to investigate the effect of cell phone use on the mental health of young adults. I began researching this topic prior to the novelty of COVID-19, and with the following influx of screen usage due to lockdown and quarantining, the topic became even more important to me over time. I have IRB approval for this research study and worked with my now graduate advisor to ensure I was following the proper guidelines. This project was submitted to NCA and later submitted to and presented at The Ball State Undergraduate Communication Research Conference where I won a Top Speaker Award. The following video is an audience member's screen recording of the presentation.

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Daniel Simeonov

Biomedical Engineering

The Inner Working of a Radio Alarm Clock
For this project I went to a thrift store and purchased a radio alarm clock to learn more about its circuitry. I took apart the alarm clock and this presentation is about what I learned about how it works and the improvements I would suggest.

Project PowerPoint

Sofia Vaides


Neuroscience and Music
For this project I conducted research to learn about the effect of music on neurological disorders and the brain.

Lynder Worsley

Epidemiology and Religious Studies

Vaccine Hesitancy in Underrepresented Communities
In this research project, I interviewed participants to learn about the reasons African Americans may choose not to become vaccinated.

Project PowerPoint

Ava Ward

Global Studies and Japanese

Chinese Language from a Cultural Approach
In this project, I outline how the Chinese cultural thinking patterns influence sentence structures and boundaries.

Hope Leonard

Music Technology and Psychology

Cochlear Implants - A Comprehensive Introduction
This research project explored cochlear implants including what they are, how they work, what it is like to hear with them, how implants influence music perception, and how technological advances have facilitated the development of cochlear implants. 

Jasmeen Lally


Lead Poisoning in Adolescents
This is a research project I completed as an independent study to learn more about the impact of lead poisoning on children.

SDG 9: Industries, Innovations, and Infrastructure

Elizabeth Wallace
Junior, Global and International Studies/Spanish

Halee Griffey
Sophomore, Global and International Studies and Sustainable Management & Policy

Project Poster
We researched SDG 9, Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, focusing on social equity, the environment, and economics.

SDG 5: Gender Equality

Halie Minard
Junior, Exercise Science

Kirandeep Kaur
Junior, Forensic Science

Haydah Moo
Freshman, Biology

Project Poster
Our projects is on SDG 5 Gender Equality and we compared some facts on gender equality between the United States and Rwanda.

SDG 7: Affordable Clean Energy

Jonathon Lewis 
Senior, Sustainable Management & Policy 

Kelsey Pardieck 
Junior, Biology and Forensics 

Project Poster
We researched SDG 7 on Affordable Clean Energy, comparing and contrasting the efforts of the United States and Rwanda.

SDG 12: Sustainable Consumption and Production

Katy Fulton
Senior, Accounting

Aspen Grieshaber
Freshman, Sustainable Management & Policy and Psychology 

Project Poster
We chose to research SDG 12 Sustainable Consumption and Production. We learned that Rwanda is working toward sustainable patterns of consumption by 2030 whereas in Indiana our focus is on recycling.

SDG 13: Climate Action

Pratikshya Purnachandra
Freshman, Neuroscience and Public Health

Courtney Hutslar
Junior, Neuroscience

Project Poster
We chose to research SDG 13 Climate Action and related climate action to Rwanda, India, and the United States. We discuss some of the initiatives of each country and related climate action to our chosen majors.

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