Student Showcase

IU Indianapolis Honors College Student Showcase

Welcome to the Honors College Student Showcase. The student projects featured here demonstrate the various forms of learning in which Honors scholars participate each semester: research, service and civic engagement, internships, cross cultural experiences, artistic and creative work, the list goes on and on.

We want all students enrolled in the IU Indianapolis Honors College to

  1. Be active participants in their intellectual experience.
  2. Participate in at least four engaged learning experiences including research, international/cultural experiences, service, and experiential/applied learning.
  3. Develop strong communication, problem solving, and civic-minded skills.
  4. Reflect on their growth as a learner through classes and engaged experiences inside and outside the classroom, and
  5. Develop a connection to the Honors College and their Honors community.

This student Showcase is a wonderful way to see the growth and achievement of our scholars. Thank you for visiting.