Student Organizations

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Student organizations keep our Honors community strong. We have unique opportunities in the Honors College to lead and collaborate based on your passions and interests.

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Honors Academics for Civic Engagement partners with organizations in the Indianapolis community to plan monthly volunteer opportunities. This organization is open to all Honors College students who wish to engage in service or assist with planning and leading service events.

Camping, canoeing, skiing, laser tag—these are just a few examples of the outdoor and adventure activities the Honors Adventure Club organizes.

The Honors Arts and Culture Society explores diverse cultural experiences in Indianapolis, including museum visits, international restaurants, symphony performances, and festivals.

Serving as the voice of the entire honors student body, the Honors College Student Council communicates students' ideas and concerns to administration and acts in the best interest of honors students.

The council also coordinates student activities and encourages the establishment of new student organizations.

The Honors Housing Council is a residential-based organization that does community building and educational events for students living in Honors housing.

Honors Tower Council provides opportunities for first-year students living in the Honors Residential Community at University Tower to practice leadership skills among their peers. The Honors Tower Council designs and promotes community building and educational events and helps connect residential students to the Honors College community and the campus community at large.

Honor Societies

Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD) and Phi Eta Sigma (PES) are national honor societies that recognize first-year students who earn at least a 3.5 GPA during their freshman year in college. Although they are separate national organizations, they function as one (ALDPES) at IU Indianapolis and several other major universities.

An important dimension of ALDPES is the opportunity for service and leadership on campuses and in communities across the country. This honor society encourages superior academic achievement and a lifelong high standard of learning while helping students to recognize and develop meaningful goals for their unique roles in society.

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