Graduating with Honors

Graduating with honors from the IU Indianapolis Honors College

Honors recognition signifies that you’ve met all IU Indianapolis Honors College requirements and performed in an outstanding manner across a broad spectrum of honors courses and experiences. When successfully completed, your diploma and transcript will read: IU Indianapolis Honors College Scholar.

Honors College learning goals and graduation requirements are based on guidelines from our national association and honors best practices developed in collaboration with Honors Colleges across the country.

Honors education is characterized by in-class extracurricular activities that are measurably broader, deeper, or more complex than comparable learning experiences typically found at institutions of higher education. Honors experiences include a distinctive learner-directed environment and philosophy, provide opportunities that are appropriately tailored to fit the institution's culture and mission, and frequently occur within a close community of students and faculty.

National Collegiate Honors Council Board of Directors, 2013

How to get the most out of your honors experience

We want you to achieve the type of education described above by the NCHC. Students enrolled in the IU Indianapolis Honors College should:

  1. Be active participants in their intellectual experience.
  2. Participate in at least four engaged learning experiences, including research, international/cultural experiences, service, and experiential/applied learning.
  3. Develop strong communication, problem-solving, and civic-minded skills.
  4. Reflect on your growth as a learner through classes and engaged experiences inside and outside the classroom.
  5. Develop a connection to the Honors College and your honors community.

Requirements for the Honors College notation

Students who want to graduate with the Honors College notation must:

  • Complete a minimum of 24 hours of honors credits.
    • You must earn a minimum grade of B in each honors course/experience.
    • You must complete at least one honors course/experience each semester.
      • You may enroll in no more than two honors courses/experiences per semester.
      • Students who enter honors after their first year should plan for two honors courses/experiences each semester and a minimum of four full semesters in honors to successfully complete at least 24 credit hours in honors by graduation.
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.3 in all university coursework.
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.3 in all honors coursework.

For students entering the Honors College in fall 2022 or later:

  • Enroll in and complete the 1 credit hour course, HON-H 200 Introduction to Honors, with a grade of B or better. More information on HON-H 200 may be found here.
  • Develop an ePortfolio throughout your academic career and submit your completed ePortfolio in your final year as an Honors College student while enrolled in HON-H 496 for 0 or 1 credit hour. The 1 credit hour version of the course requires either a final presentation or participation in the Honors Showcase or campus Research Day. Students will learn more about their ePortfolio requirement in their HON-H 200 course. Additional information about the ePortfolio may be found hereStudents must complete HON-H 496 with a grade of B or better.

IUPUI Commencement 2017: Amber Kriech

Watch Amber Kriech, IUPUI Honors College alum, deliver her speech during the IUPUI Commencement at Lucas Oil Stadium.