Class of 2022

  • Pawas Aggarwal
  • Aiysha Amjad
  • Iqra Asad
  • Hanisha Battina
  • Amal Bhaskaran
  • Hannah Blake
  • Katelyn Brown
  • Elizabeth Bueckers
  • Mason Christie
  • Vardhan Chulani
  • Julia Cilleruelo Fernandez del Moral
  • Ana Danner
  • Isaac Demaree
  • Pratik Khushal Devnani
  • Caroline Dunbar
  • Jaismeen Fahqra
  • Katelyn Fair
  • Maggie Granatir
  • Anna Heilers
  • Shub Jape
  • Allison Keiser
  • Dawson Koesters
  • Mackenzi Lawson
  • Gary Mann
  • Paulina Medina
  • Verayna Newland
  • Walker Nurrenbern
  • Amber Pagan
  • Ayesha Pandey
  • Reggie Parker
  • Mitchell Parrish
  • Nate Peters
  • Sarah Phillips
  • Faith Prochaska
  • Meghana Sankar
  • Hanna Schreiber
  • Taylor Targgart
  • Ashtin Wilson
  • Taylor Wright
Top 10 students with their awards in 2022

2022 graduates in Top 10

An extra congratulations goes to those who were also recognized amongst IUPUI's Top 10 students:

  • Aiysha Amjad
  • Julia Cilleruelo Fernandez del Moral
  • Ana Danner
  • Allison Keiser
  • Ayesha Pandey

What an amazing achievement—go Jags!

2022 graduation celebration photos

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An afternoon to remember

Even if you were unable to attend, or just want to look back, we've got you covered. View the recording of our 2022 graduation celebration livestream—as many times as you'd like!

You may also download the PowerPoint shown at the celebration by clicking the link below.

Download PowerPoint presentation

*Recorded at Hine Hall Auditorium on April 30, 2022

Description of the video:


Messages from the Honors College staff

“As graduates of the IUPUI Honors College Class of 2022, you have demonstrated that you are optimally prepared to welcome and embrace change, continue to learn, and lead a rapidly changing world. It has been such an honor to share your college career with you, and we are proud to now call you alumni. You will always be part of our honors family. Keep in touch—and congratulations to you all!”

 Dr. Kathy Marrs, Interim Executive Associate Dean

"I’m excited for you all as you embark on this next chapter in your life’s journey! It’s been such a privilege to work with you these last four years and to see you flourish in spite of the challenges with which you’ve been presented. I’ll miss seeing you around the Honors College—please keep in touch!"

Emily Clossin, Assistant Director