Combining statistics and global studies, Pineda is making an international impact


As a junior double majoring in applied statistics alongside global and international studies, Clara Pineda is a jack of all trades.

During her high school years, Pineda recognized that she enjoyed taking Advanced Placement courses in statistics. Growing up in Honduras, Pineda identified regional issues that plagued remote communities, pushing her to pursue an education dedicated to analyzing global issues. These experiences subsequently led her to combine her interests in global studies and the financial sector in college.

Originally from Central America, Pineda received the Bepko Scholarship, allowing her to move to the United States to pursue her undergraduate education.

The Honors College gave me the opportunity to study in the U.S. I’m thankful for the opportunities that they give to international students. The financial resources have opened every single door for me on campus.

Clara Pineda

Desprendete’s most recent accomplishment, Misión Kupya, was a project created to offer educational support to children in rural areas. In partnership with six other nonprofit organizations, Desprendete delivered over 350 backpacks and school kits to Brus Laguna, Ibans, and Plátano in La Mosquitia, Honduras. These communities are some of the most remote areas in Honduras that grapple with scarce resources.

We want to raise their quality of life. We want them to learn how to take care of themselves.

Pineda, speaking of her work in Honduras