Major: Chemistry
Hometown: Henryville, IN
High School: Henryville High School

Drawn to IUPUI due to its proximity to multiple hospitals, Logan knew he would have many opportunities to grow here on his path to medical school. He is dedicated to serving others, as demonstrated by his long-time commitment assisting youth and special needs individuals at a summer camp, and as a Bepko Scholar he wants to inspire others serve their community. With his many years of experience, he took on a leadership role of training camp newcomers. Logan, who was named valedictorian and a Rising Star of Indiana, is no stranger to taking the lead. He also led the charge to organize a soccer team at his middle school, which is now an official school sport.

Dean welcome message

Congratulations on being named a Bepko Scholar! Welcome to IUPUI, the Honors College, and the School of Science. I am confident that you will enjoy a challenging and rewarding experience at IUPUI that will prepare you to meet you goals as a student and beyond.

John F. DiTusa, Dean School of Science